Saturday, June 16, 2012

I get paid to blog

Well.... That's a little bit of a lie.  I get paid to sit in front of a computer, when there is no work, then I do what I want.  So I'm getting paid overtime and penalty rates for a Saturday to do this.  Working out to be a dollar a minute... not bad hey. 

The Downside?  This week I've worked just under 60 hours.  I haven't seen much of Freja this week and haven't seen much of our new house (apart from sleeping in it).  But it does mean we can buy some nice things to fill the house.  Mirrors, frames, tables, chairs, couches and hopefully soon I'll gain the courage to buy a 60 inch plasma and put it on the wall.  Won't have much time to use it... but I'll be able to dream of it when I sleep.

Quick update - I'll be done with Uni in November.  Weird to think that I'll be an actual physio.  Was a nice thought a few years ago, but has crept up on me.  Once that happens I'll be able to quit my two other jobs and give up the 12 hour working days.  I've been pretty blessed to be able to fit in two jobs that fill my days as well as doing Uni full time and everything else.

I just need time to go to the gym.  I swear I'm growing manboobs, that's what happens when you work heaps and eat heaps.  Haven't weighed myself in a long time, but wouldn't be surprised if I'd put on 30 kilos in the past 18 months.  Impressive hey!  Maybe that can be my new financial year resolution.

I just realised I had myself on not ready for 13 mins... so really while I've been writing this I could have been working but, the calls were diverted...   not good... I thought it was weird no calls were coming in for so long.  So I really did get paid to blog this!


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